Content Writing Niches

Your niche…

I understand your industry. Here’s the proof (and why it’s important)…


In your line of business, precise, accurate content isn’t only a matter of credibility, it could be a case of legal ramifications if the words are wrong.

I have a firm grasp on business terms, industry jargon and legal concepts – yet my content is far from greyscale legal talk. Discovering ways in which to make your content vibrant, whilst being legally-sound, is my job – and it’s a job I’ve done well, for many of your fellow legal competitors.

Finance and Business

Whether banking institution or business consultancy, there is a single word that summarizes the end-game when it comes to content and your company – and that’s trust. Demonstrating integrity forms the core focus of my writing – and with that established, the sky’s the limit for nurturing your audience on to making contact.


It can be so easy to overwhelm your audience with talk of specifications and technical talk, when your content should really strip it all back. You see, at the heart of your tech product or service, is a problem – one that your target market needs to overcome. My content is created to be the bridge between their needs, and your offering – creating interest, building profit and empowering your ideas.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing world spins faster than any other. I’m three steps ahead – keeping an eye on the developments of tomorrow, to demonstrate you as the forward-thinking go-to expert you are.

Whether social medial, PCC, SEO or anything in-between, my blogs, articles and E-Books become an asset to your company, and an invaluable source of insight for your audience.

Start-up and Entrepreneurship

As a start-up, your business must gain traction, quickly. As an entrepreneur, you need the right words to prove an idea or demonstrate your idea as a savvy investment.

I understand your challenges, and your opportunities. My content is created with both in mind – supporting your growth and brand ambitions.

Real Estate

How will you ever convince potential clients to sell with you, if the words on your website fail to sell your services at all? I know your industry – and have a grasp on the cares and concerns of potential sellers, as well as the buyers they’re looking for. Through carefully considered content, I capture their interest, providing tips and tactics that hand them an edge, and you a lead.