In my former professional life, I was an electronics and communication engineer. Today this allows me to create engaging and informed technical writing that spans the realms of IT, Automotive and Electronics.

Whether I’m creating a captivating blog for guest placement on a high authority site, or writing copy on a technical topic, there is one thing that remains the same. I always hone in on the audience – their concerns, fears and desires – their need for guidance, information or insight.

Now that you know who I am – let’s dive into what I do (and the ways in which I do it).

I undertake paid writing, that pays – I craft content that adds to the brand image of a company and adds to their bottom line.

Getting to the specifics of what I do, I undertake: CDR writing; Guest Blogging; Ghost-writing; White Papers; Case studies; E-books and Product reviews.


Content Writing

Content is king, so the over worn SEO saying goes – and how true it remains. Yet content is about so much more than the right keyword research, placement and density. Really, truly, it is about your target reader – their interests, preferences and the language they speak.

I get to understand your reader – connecting with them through content that’s a credit to your brand – building firm fans whilst boosting search ranking in the process.

SEO Site Audit

Blood, sweat, and tears. That’s what you’ve put into the ranking of your website. Yet you’re still struggling to work your way up to a respectable position on Google. Try out my SEO Site Audit. This is an SEO blueprint to better ranking – clarity, as to where you stand today, and what to do to improve your position tomorrow.


A solid link-building strategy should form the backbone of your SEO strategy, signaling to the search engine gods that your website is one worth serving up to searchers. I’ll outreach, manually, and put together a pure white hat strategy – absolutely loved by Google and the like.

White Paper

Authority. That’s what white papers and reports can deliver for your business – demonstrating your voice as the one to listen to, from which comes trust, respect and sales.

E-mail Newsletter

Email marketing is dead. They said. But they obviously hadn’t heard the news – email marketing is actually one of the hardest working marketing mediums there is. 4400% ROI, £44 for every £1 spent, hard working (Campaign Monitor) – with an average order value that’s three times higher than that of social media (McKinsey).

Point proven? Then maybe we should get to work on your email newsletter.

Social media management/promotion

Social media – it promises  big results, fast. Yet this area of marketing is not for the faint of heart – grabbing attention and engaging an audience in conversation is nothing short of an art form – one that demands a marketing professional.

E-Book and E-Course Writing

You should and could be seen as an expert in your sphere of business. You absolutely can transform your knowledge, experience and existing exposure into a profitable E-Book or E-Course.

Here’s exactly what you can expect, when you commission my copy…

  • Work that is absolutely original
  • Copy that is SEO optimised and search engine ready
  • Content that is written for your reader
  • Deadlines that are never missed
  • Exceptional quality copy, without exception
  • A voice that resonates with your branding

And yet – these are only words from a copywriter whose job it is to convince

So, how can you really, truly be sure that I’m the right women, for your writing gig? Let’s put a little meat to the bone and proof to my pudding – with three concrete demonstrations that I am, all that I say I am.

  1. I’ve been featured in industry renowned websites, such as Engadget, Techinasia and Yourstory.
  2. I’ve worked with clients of every company size – from each of the corners of the globe – the USA, Canada, Germany and every continent in-between.
  3. I’ve built up quite the collection of client testimonials – each of which is as glowing as the last…